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For one Friday we are giving away our design knowledge for free! Why? Because we can! And because it is our mission to improve the visual science communication in the world.

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The feedback is our gift to you. All you need to do is ask for it.

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In Visualize your Science you will learn to make illustrations that always look clean and crisp no matter how close you zoom in. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to fine-tune your designs to effectively communicate your research, and by the end of the course, you will have gained skills to create a prize-winning poster for your next conference.
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Animate your Science

Animate your science will take you through the world of 3D modelling in Blender and teach you to present your studies in the way that they deserve. You will learn to make publication-quality journal covers that will bring your creations to life to display your research in a new and interesting way.
Get control over your presentation slides and learn how to

Present your Science

Few things can distract from the underlying scientific achievements like messy PowerPoint slides and a confusing delivery. In Present your Science, you will learn to create presentations that will captivate your audience using a clear narrative supported by impressive visuals.

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Overall the course has been very helpful and allowed me to think more in terms of illustration/graphical communication.
Andreas Novotny
I think it was the most useful course I have followed so far. It makes me more confident as a researcher that I can make graphs that are as pretty as what I have in my head and I think that would be helpful for more colleagues. I love how the course gives insight in things that you more or less feel is wrong with a visual (poster, slide, etc.) and it is nice to approach this with knowledge and a more scientific approach. I expect colleagues would agree.
You have fundamentally changed my understanding of the world and how I should communicate.
Alexis Dziedziech
At first I thought I would have trouble with illustration but I really enjoyed it and liked how the development process were. I never ended up where I thought I would in the beginning. The results were so much better than I could have imagined in the beginning
Jonna Lind
I think this is one of very few courses that have actually exceeded my expectations. I knew nothing about Illustrator and this course not only taught me so many skills, it also built up my confidence with this tool. I have never been "geeky/techie" so I expected to have difficulties during this course and a very steep learning curve. However I found the complete opposite, after only a few hours I was able to sketch anything I wanted in very high quality, I was surprised at how easy it actually is and how good it looks. Thanks to Andreas who has perfectly broken it down step-by-step for everybody to follow.
It is a SUPER useful course for all scientists! It has incredibly good structure, a lot of necessary information, which will improve any poster, presentation or etc
You don't need to know anything about the visualisation tool and you will end the course by feeling comfortable to making award-winning figures. Not only does one get a lot of teachings on how to use the tool, it also gives a lot of relevant guides, rules and tips on making very good science visualisations. It will be helpful for the rest of one's career. And there is a lot of practice, including making your own poster and graphical abstract