Animate your Science

in this course you will learn to present your results
in three dimensions to increase the visibility of your research
September to November

Course structure

  • Study at you own pace

    A researcher's time is valuable and often limited. For this reason, we have made the course material available in video format for self-study, allowing you to learn at your own pace and schedule.
  • Feedback sessions

    Throughout the course, you will meet with your instructors and get personal feedback after each assignment. These feedback sessions will be held over Zoom.
  • Assignments

    Three assignments, each increasing in complexity, will be given during the course. These will familiarize you with the animation software and train you in the creation of journal covers and animations.

  • You did it!

    At the last feedback session, you will get a chance to experience the work of your fellow students, and to present the animation that you have created for this course.

Course summary

  • Animate your Science
  • Ph.D. level course
  • €675
  • Equiv. to 4 ECTS (120 h of study)
  • English
  • Blender
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Learning outcome

In this course you will learn skills to present your research in three dimensions and make your research stand out:

Ever-growing animation software

The course will introduce you to the world of 3D modelling and animation in Blender in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.

Manipulate your models

You will learn to import 3D models from your research (e.g. proteins) into Blender and animate real-world data.

Bring your reseach to life

By the end of the course you will know how to animate your 3D models and bring motion to your research.

Creative freedom

We will teach you to make your artworks look like real-life or cartoons, whatever fits your style.

Let your research take shape

You will create your own 3D models and create professional-looking artworks to impress your peers.

Animations made by
previous students

Write your awesome label here.
You have fundamentally changed my understanding of the world and how I should communicate.
Alexis Dziedziech
Overall the course has been very helpful and allowed me to think more in terms of illustration/graphical communication.
Andreas Novotny
At first I thought I would have trouble with illustration but I really enjoyed it and liked how the development process were. I never ended up where I thought I would in the beginning. The results were so much better than I could have imagined in the beginning
Jonna Lind
Temp Tempson

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Frequently asked questions

Why does it cost money, I thought all Ph.D. courses were supposed to be free of charge!

We wish that all courses could be free as well, but since we are doing this for a living we need to charge for the course. We do everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible.

How do I pay for the course?

Most of our students get funding for the registration fee from either their supervisor (if you are a Ph.D. student), your own research money, stipends or from the institution/department.

You can pay by invoice or online when the course opens. 

Hmm, you represent a company, could you really examine and give me the credits?

Of course not, but if you complete the course you will receive a certificate that clearly states the amount of work you have done, measured in time. This certificate could then be used to get ECTS credits but your supervisor/responsible must be the examinator. So far, more than 3000 students have completed the course and received credits. Should you run into problems, please let us know, and we will do what we can to help resolve the issue.

Is this some easily earned credits? I mean, I pay a registration fee, then you must be happy and just let me pass?

Absolutely not, in order to pass and complete the course you must do all the assignments, attend all face-to-face sessions and complete all video modules. It is equivalent to 3 weeks of full time work.

We at Visualize your Science pride ourself on delivering quality courses, and we can only do that if we expect as much of the students as they do of us.

What will happen if I cannot complete the course this semester?

No problem, you will have the opportunity to finalize the course within two years of the initial sign-up, free of charge of course. All you have to do is remember to register for an upcoming course by contacting Visualize your Science directly. 

How long can I access the online material?

You will have access to the material for life, as long as you remember to login to your account at least once every two years (due to GDPR).

What is Visualize your Science?

Visualize your Science AB is a company based in Espoo Finland (FO: 2754269-4). It was founded by Andreas Dahlin in April 2016 and currently has 7 employees. Visualize your Science AB helps scientists communicate their research more effectively with better images, illustrations, visualizations and animations.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you change your mind and do not want to take the course, you have until 14 days before the course opens to cancel your registration without cost. After this time you will be billed in full. If you have already passed the latest cancellation date, but are hindered from attending the course, it is good to know you have the opportunity to follow the classes anytime within the next two years.