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Create scientific posters and graphical abstracts with

Visualize your Science

In Visualize your Science you will learn to make illustrations that always look clean and crisp no matter how close you zoom in. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to fine-tune your designs to effectively communicate your research, and by the end of the course, you will have gained skills to create a prize-winning poster for your next conference.
Learn 3D animation and create journal covers for submission in

Animate your Science

Animate your science will take you through the world of 3D modelling in Blender and teach you to present your studies in the way that they deserve. You will learn to make publication-quality journal covers that will bring your creations to life to display your research in a new and interesting way.
Get control over your presentation slides and learn how to

Present your Science

Few things can distract from the underlying scientific achievements like messy PowerPoint slides and a confusing delivery. In Present your Science, you will learn to create presentations that will captivate your audience using a clear narrative supported by impressive visuals.






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What students say about our courses

"I think it was the most useful course I have followed so far. It makes me more confident as a researcher that I can make graphs that are as pretty as what I have in my head and I think that would be helpful for more colleagues. I love how the course gives insight in things that you more or less feel is wrong with a visual (poster, slide, etc.) and it is nice to approach this with knowledge and a more scientific approach. Thank you!"
"Via this course I wanted to gain skills to create visuals that easily convey the message I had in mind. It is truly one of the best courses I have ever attended. And I must say one can understand the great effort and passion that have been put in the creation of this course."
"My expectations have been definitely exceeded! I found every topic extremely relevant and well-fitting with the "scientific" aim. I really appreciated that not only technical rules of visual design were given, but also aesthetic advice that contributes to the communicative effectiveness of the work."
Ambra Celotto, 2020
"I had heard excellent things about this course and seen some others who were able to draw amazing diagrams, pictures and posters after taking it. I absolutely feel the course met these expectations, I am very able now too! Being a not very art-inclined person, I wasn't sure how VYS would help me improve, but I learnt SO MUCH through the modules and tutorials for the software! I would recommend this course to anyone looking to find out about scientific visualization."
"It's a unique course that teaches scientific communication through graphics, that is not covered in any other workshop/course (that I attended). Creating a visual abstract and poster helped to look at our projects from a different perspective. Teachers gave very good practical feedback and tips on how to improve our work without being picky and judgmental (created a productive environment)."
"I came to this course with minimal knowledge regarding poster creation or tools that I need to do that, and I left with the confidence that I can create anything that I envision! I think this course is so useful for other PhD students (and not just!) since it not only teaches you how to create outstanding posters, but also how to elevate your science communication skills through visuals!"
"I have improved my skills in communicating and visualising science greatly. I am impressed with the outcomes of an online course. Thank you for a great course and a positive learning environment."
"Very interesting and original course, where we get to learn things we (as scientists) are not usually familiar with. I really believe in the power of communication and more specifically visualization and stories to convey a message. If we want our research to be not only impactful in academia but also to the layman, we need to learn how to communicate our science better. This course is definitely in line with that."
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